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"The format is so powerful. Listening to scripture then speaking, confessing from the scripture. Meditating on the Word by speaking and listening is such a blessing."

Marsha!777 on iTunes, April 28th 2018

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"This excellently produced album is one of my best purchases ever. Kyle's strong, soothing voice backed by a simple, calming musical score, is a very simple yet powerful way to literally do warfare against forces that seemed to hold me down and render me useless for a long time. I actually feel the power in the words as I repeat the confessions after Kyle. I can discern something is happening at a deep level. "

mturbo777 on iTunes, Jan. 23rd 2017

So Wonderful

"...This really helps you overcome and defeat the enemy. Worth buying. Seriously. Thank you Jesus..."

Kyoot-K on iTunes, Nov. 26th 2019

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